Shop online for women's clothing

Remember Weekenders clothing? So do we! Weekenders was comfortable and casual clothing that was stylish as well. For those same comfortable clothes and accessories, we recommend the following online stores to find a similar type of women's clothing.

» eBay - Yes, you can still find Weekenders clothing on eBay!

» Reitmans - Free returns in Canada; Shipping to Canada and the USA.

» Nygard - Free shipping to Canada and USA for orders over $75.

» Sears - Ship to your home - or to a store near you!

» Hudson's Bay - Returns by mail or in store; Shipping dependent on order size and location.

» Ann Taylor - Shipping to over 100 countries, including Canada!

» Loft - Low shipping rates to Canada.

» Wool Overs - Low cost shipping to Canada and USA.

» Old Navy - Free shipping over $50; Free returns.

» Gap - Free shipping over $50; Free returns.

» Banana Republic - Free shipping over $50; Free returns.

» J.Crew - Flat rate, duty free shipping to Canada.

» Lands' End - Free, duty free shipping to Canada for purchases over $50!

» Nordstrom - Duty free shipping to Canada; Free shipping and returns to USA.

» Mark's - Low flat rate shipping; 100% satisfaction guarantee.

» Simons - Quick shipping (3-5 days); Free returns.

» Laura - Flat rate shipping; Returns by mail or in store.

» Cleo - Free shipping on new arrivals.

» Le Chateau - Since 1959!

» French Connection - Free shipping on orders over $100.

» Boohoo - Free shipping in Canada for orders over $35.

» Joe Fresh - Free returns to retail stores.

» Smart Set - Free returns, minus shipping; Flat rate shipping.

» Suzy Shier - Shipping rates vary based on purchase value.

» Bench. - Free shipping in Canada for orders $99 and over.

» Club Monaco - Free shipping in Canada for orders over $150; Free returns in store.

» Mexx - Free shipping in Canada for orders over $75.

» Forever 21 - Free shipping in Canada for orders over $60.

There you have it. A decent list of online stores that offer women's clothing similar to what Weekenders used to offer. Hope that helps!

So, what was "Weekenders"? Weekenders clothing was loved by women around the world. Women considered it affordable clothing that looked great and was easy to care for. Even better, shopping could be done from home making it an enjoyable shopping experience. Many mixed and matched various pieces, adding to value that wearing Weekenders provided.

Clothing items included pants, dresses, skirts, tops (sleeveless, long sleeve, short sleeve), as well as more formal items that could be worn in an office setting (yes, women's suits too!). Basically, from casual to professional to trendy, Weekenders was the 'go to' for many women seeking new clothing made them look great, and feel great too.

Not only that, it offered a career opportunity (or at least some additional income) for many women who took part in creating a Weekenders business, selling the clothing to other women who sought affordable fashion.